6 Summer DIY Projects To Transform Your Outdoor Living Space

6 Summer DIY Projects To Transform Your Outdoor Living Space

  • Denise Johnson
  • 06/10/22

The lazy days of summer are finally upon us! Despite the hot summer climate in Texas, everyone still wants to enjoy the great outdoors. Summer pool parties and barbeques are everyone’s favorite way to gather with friends and family. What better way to kick off summertime with a DIY project or two to transform your outdoor living space into a beautiful backyard oasis? Whether you are on a budget or ready to go total luxury, these top seven DIY projects will be everyone’s favorite reason to hang out this summer!

Add A Backyard Fire Pit

Many people have happy memories of sitting around the fire pit toasting marshmallows under a starry sky. A modern fire pit isn’t just a wood pile in a metal container. You can have the look and feel of a luxury resort right in your own backyard. There’s no need to hire a landscaper or contractor when you can do it yourself! Your local hardware store should have everything you need.

You can create a backyard fire pit using inexpensive and repurposed materials. Some of the most popular and purposeful fire pits are made using bricks, retaining wall blocks, and pavers. You can get creative using various size rocks for stacking and decorating your fire pit. Another creative idea is to upcycle and repurpose various items for a rustic look, such as a beer keg or a metal bird bath! Of course, you can always purchase a steel fire ring. From plain to decorative, there are many designs to choose from to fit every budget.

Place your fire pit by the pool or in the center of your outdoor seating area. Add some cozy and inviting chairs and stock up on smores essentials!

Upgrade Your Backyard With A Pergola

Pergolas add a luxurious and elegant look to your backyard oasis. They make a great addition to an existing patio, or you can build one wherever you want to create an outdoor seating area. The purpose of a pergola is to provide a little shade while keeping the space open and airy. You can add climbing flowers to your pergola, and they look gorgeous alongside your spring gardens. Another fun idea is to hang small white garden lights on your pergola for an enchanting and whimsical look to your backyard.

Most pergolas are wooden structures, and cedar is the most popular choice because it is weather and mildew-resistant. Cedar can also deter bugs from being a nuisance at your gatherings. You can build your pergola against the side of your house to create a wall or have it completely open on all sides. Design your pergola like an outdoor living room with comfortable seating and pillows, an outdoor rug, and tables for snacks and drinks to rest. An elegant touch is to add sheer white curtains, potted plants, and hanging ferns.  

Upgrade Your Outdoor Cooking Experience

Outdoor grilling stations are an upgrade to your typical standing grill. You can buy outdoor grilling station kits or do it yourself! A grilling station provides more room to cook your food, store your tools.  It also allows more room to cook and serve guests.

One of the most elegant looks for your outdoor grilling station is as easy as taking your standing outdoor grill and surrounding it with stacking stones or bricks. Lay a tabletop over the side structures, and you have a beautiful-looking grilling station. Use the same colors as the exterior of your home for an even more luxurious look. If you really want to get creative, build a DIY outdoor fireplace and pizza oven!

Cool Off With Outdoor Misting Fans

Texas is HOT in the summer, and if you are going to enjoy your outdoor seating areas, you need to keep cool. While kids are perfectly happy running through the sprinklers, the adults don’t want to get soaked, just lightly “misted.” Take any old fan and add water features to it for a DIY misting fan for cooling off. 

The Outdoor Herb Garden

If you are adding an outdoor grilling station and pizza oven, you might as well grow an outdoor herb garden for the ultimate gourmet cooking! And herb gardens can also spruce up your outdoor decor, too! Why not grow fresh basil and rosemary for your homemade pizzas and bread? Grow fresh mint for a delicious twist on plain iced tea. 

Outdoor herb gardens can be as small as a few small pots on the patio or a raised bed in the backyard. You can get creative by using repurposed containers for a rustic outdoor look. Make a vertical herb garden suspended on the wall, or set the containers on your patio for a decorative experience.

Creative Seating Areas

If you want a luxury resort experience in your backyard, you may need to think outside of the box. No more folding chairs or camp chairs around the firepit or old wooden picnic tables for your eating area. Create elegant seating areas around the pool with resort-style lounge chairs and daybeds. Put up a hammock or outdoor porch swing. Add a lovely table and chairs for gathering for meals, and include an umbrella for shade. A tiki bar outside along your pool and grilling station area is a fun touch for your outdoor entertaining!

For DIY lovers, you can get crafty by using recycled items to create your own outdoor seating options. Add outdoor throw pillows and cushions that will withstand the weather and add a cozy feel that people will want to sit and chat. 

What’s your favorite DIY project you will work on this summer?


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